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We bring the Zumba to you! We provide a wide range of Private Zumba Classes at your preferred location and time. We know the pain of commuting to a gym or an inconvenient location to get your high quality workout. That is why we bring Zumba to you via Private Zumba Classes. Just pool together a group of your friends, neighbours and even relatives to have your very own personal Zumba Class at a location near you. Fill up our enquiry form with your request and we will contact you shortly.


Is Zumba For You?


Zumba workout is fitness dance based on salsa and other dance moves. This is conducted using various Latin music and it allows people of different age groups and health levels to experience a remarkable workout. Compared to other exercises which may be monotonous and tedious, Zumba classes are filled with excitement and variety. So, if you want a party-like fun workout, Zumba Fitness is the right exercise for you.  Besides, Zumba Fitness Classes will assist you to shed significant amount of calories and excess weight if you attend class regularly coupled with an appropriate diet. Zumba helps you reach your fitness goals with more fun!

Just drop us a message with the contact form to find out more!

Here are some private classes that we provide

  • Zumba Classes @ Condominiums and Private Estates
  • Zumba Parties for private gatherings
  • Private Zumba Classes at your own venue

So do fill up our enquiry form with your request and we will contact you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a Zumba Class?

A Zumba session usually lasts for an hour, beginning with a warm-up before the actual workout and ending with a cool-down routine.

Do you provide One-to-One session?
Zumba is meant to be a group dance workout where participants may leverage from the group’s synergy and energy to have fun and be motivated to meet the fitness goal together.
As such, we strongly encourage you to find a few friends or colleagues to form a group if you want to start a private class. Please click here to send us your request now.
What Do Participants Wear?

Participants can wear sports attire e.g. tees, tank tops, tights or shorts, and covered toes shoes(e.g. sports shoes with less friction preferred) which allows for frequent hand and leg movements during the session. Barefoot is discouraged due to potential injury either due to your movements or that of other participants’.

Where is a suitable venue to hold the private Zumba Session?

Any open and ventilated space(indoors or outdoors) at your preferred location (e.g. multipurpose room/hall, courtyard, parks etc) which can accommodate all your intended participants at one-arm length away from each other will be suitable. 

Do you provide a studio space?

We highly recommend customers to use or rent their own venue.  We can help to source for a suitable venue with an added admin fee and the class will be subjected to studio availability.

How Do I Sign Up?

Just fill up our contact form with details of your group size, time and place and we will revert to you shortly.

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