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How much do you charge for a corporate or private class or event?

Please submit an enquiry form here with the required information to get as accurate a quotation as possible as we do have various discounts applicable depending on the number of participants, sessions and instructors required.

What is the duration of a Zumba class or session?

Each Zumba workout is typically 60 minutes long, beginning with a warm-up dance and ending with a cool-down routine and our instructor will give water breaks in between as required. However, you can indicate your desired duration(either shorter or longer) in your enquiry form and we will do our best to accomodate.

Where can I hold my corporate or private Zumba/Fitness class or event?

You can hold virtual or online class/es if you have a big team or private group of more than 5 people working from home. You just need a video conferencing platform such as Zoom to link up with our instructor and your participants. A space of 2m x 2m for each participant to move about without obstruction will be ideal.

Alternatively, you can get everyone into a venue which can house all your participants with at least 3m safe distancing from one another.

If your group only have 5 pax or less, then our instructor can conduct the session at any open and ventilated space at your workplace (e.g. lobby, foyer, function/meeting room with furnitures stacked away, muti-purpose hall, warehouse, cordoned-off indoor or outdoor car park etc) which can accommodate all your intended participants with at least an area of 3m x 3m among participants and instructor to stay safe while working out. Potential obstruction e.g. pillars can be mitigated with projectors if available.

For private groups of 5 pax or less, you can use any open and ventilated space near your residence or neighbourhood if the workplace is not available. For example, HDB void decks, condo function or party rooms, open fields or park areas etc which can accomodate all your intended participants with a distance of at least 3m apart from each other to stay safe and move easily with no obstruction in terms of movement and view of instructor.

If all of above options are unavailable, we can help to source for a studio near you. Just send us your requirements via our contact form.

Do you hold Mass Zumba or Zumba Parties?

Yes, we can arange mass Zumba for your event virtually via video conferencing platform such as Zoom. We can also conduct private Zumba parties for birthday celebration or special occasions in the same manner as stated above. Alternatively,  you can hold your event in an open outdoor space or an enclosed venue that can allow each participant to be 3m apart from one another and the instructor as per the safe distancing measures.  Just indicate your  special event details in your enquiry form here.

How often should the Zumba/Fitness classes be held?

Although your participants will be able to get some of the benefits of a Zumba workout just from one session, if your budget and staff/team schedule allow, we highly recommend you to have at least 8 to 10 sessions of weekly classes to enjoy the full benefits of this workout.  Do contact us on your specific requirements here.

Do you organise one-time Zumba or other fitness workout?

Yes we do. If you have a corporate or public event and would like to engage our instructors for a one-time Zumba or other fitness workout for your participants or attendees, feel free to contact us here. You may indicate your preferred workout in your message if you did not find it on the dropdown menu. Such public event may be conducted virtually via video conferencing platform or in a venue that allows participants to be 3m apart from one another during the workout. 

What should the participants wear for a Zumba or Fitness class or event?

Please inform your participants or attendees to wear exercise attire e.g. tees, tank tops, tights or shorts, and covered toes shoes(e.g. sports shoes with less friction preferred) which allows for frequent hand and leg movements during the session. Barefoot is discouraged as there is no cushion between your feet and the hard flooring. Socks only without shoes are also not advisable due to potential of slipping.

What should we take note of during the session/s?

Please prepare a water bottle or energy drink to keep yourself hydrated during the session. You can also get ready a small towel for any perspiration. Take water breaks in between songs if need and take it easy if you cannot follow all the steps. The important thing is to move and have fun!

How do I sign up for our team or participants?

Just drop us a message via our enquiry form and we will do our best to assist you.

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