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Ad Hoc Promotion

Single Trial Lesson @ $10 Only!

Keen to attend our New Classes ? Now you can try them out with our Single Trial Lesson prepaid package at a low price of $10 only!

New Classes at JEM

Tues 7.15pm Zumba Gold
Wed 12.15pm Zumba Fitness
Thurs 7.30pm Zumba Fitness 
Fri 12.30pm Zumba Fitness
Fri 7.30pm Zumba Gold

New Classes at Orchard

Tuesdays 12.30pm KpopX Fitness at Orchard Claymore
Wednesday 6.30pm Zumba Fitness at Orchard Claymore
Friday 6.30pm Zumba Fitness at Orchard Central 

To get this trial package, simply sign up here or above class link and click on Prepaid Packages to select Single Trial Lesson. Complete your payment online and click on New Booking to book your class now! Limited time offer, first come, first served up to class capacity only.

For existing customers, please sign in here.


Membership has its privileges!

Be our members and enjoy up to $40 off our Members Only Unlimited Packages!

One-Year Membership Fee : $75

Two-Year Membership Fees : $130 ($20 Off annual fee)

Three-Year Membership Fees : $195 ($30 Off annual fee)

Scroll down to Unlimited Packages for Members Only on this page to view details.

Subscribe now by signing up for an account here and click on Membership Icon to learn more.

Early Bird Promotions

Save More! Book Early! $12.40 per session only!

There is no promotion currently. Please check back later, thank you!

For prorated course packages, please check the applicable courses on our classes page or click here.


Referral Program



Refer a friend and get $5 off your next purchase!
Just share your booking on Facebook or Twitter by clicking on the button in the booking page or notification email and invite your friend to click on the link to book a class with us.

You can limit the target audience of your posting in Facebook by selecting which group of people you want to post to. Only our company details and the class date booked will be posted, no other specific details on the class will be given so there is some privacy maintained. There will be a link attached to your posting for your friend to click to go to our booking page.

How do I know if the referral is successful?
Once your friend clicked on the link in your posting and booked a class with us, your account will be credited with $5. This offer is only applicable if your friend buy a new prepaid or course package with us through your posting. Your referral credit amount will be deducted from your next purchase.

Is there an expiry date to the referral credits given?
There is no expiry date but this is a limited time offer and can end any time the management deems fit. Notice will be given for all referring customers to use up their referral credits if need. So start now to share your booking to enjoy further discounts for your next purchase while keeping fit with friends in our exciting Zumba classes!

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Class Packages

  • applicable for any weekly classes
  • fixed number of sessions within validity period
  • best value for bookings of one to two classes weekly
  • bookings required after purchase

Unlimited Packages

  • applicable for any weekly classes
  • unlimited number of sessions within validity period
  • best value for bookings of three weekly classes or more and unpredictable work schedules
  • bookings required after purchase

Unlimited Packages (Members Only)

  • up to $40 discount on all unlimited packages for members
  • applicable for any weekly classes
  • unlimited number of sessions within validity period
  • ideal for three classes a week or more
  • bookings required after purchase

Course Packages and Early Bird Promotion

  • applicable for 8-week courses only

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