About Xcite Fitness


How It Began

Our company was founded in 2014 with the intention to use Zumba to transform the way the young and old workout in Singapore. Later, we found that we could offer many other types of workouts as our team of instructors grew and the name was evolved from ZumbaSG to Xcite Fitness.

Now we not only offer Zumba classes for the public, we also conduct the following classes as part of corporate wellness programs, in private gatherings and public events as well as in studios: 

– KpopX
– Pound Fit
– Yoga
– Pilate
– Bollydazz
– Kick Boxing
– Piloxing
– Fight Do

Our goal is to promote a fit and healthy culture through all these fun and interesting workouts.

Feel free to contact us to know more! Check out our list of  Zumba Classes in Singapore!

Let our fitness classes eXcite you! Get Fit, get eXcited!