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Studio Classes

What are the packages available?
We offer three types of packages: Course Packages, Class Packages and Unlimited Package.

 Our Course Packages allow you to attend a specific 8-week course with fixed start and end dates.  

Our Class Packages allow you to attend a fixed number of any of our weekly classes within the package expiry date.

Our Unlimited Package allow you to attend any number of our weekly classes within a month.


Please refer to our Prices and Promotions page for more details.
How do I sign up for the studio classes?
  1. For first time users, please click here or the Sign up button on our class page. If you have already created an account, you can just click here or the Sign In button on the top panel of our website.
  2. Click on Prepaid Packages to purchase a package if you wish to have the flexibility to attend any of our ongoing weekly classes.Click on a specific course to book it via the Course Package if you only want to attend a specific class every week.
  3. After you complete the purchase of the prepaid package, you can click on New Booking to book a class within the validity period of your package. If you have booked a course, automatic bookings will be placed for all the weekly sessions per the schedule given if course has not started. Otherwise, automatic bookings will be made for the remaining sessions if prorated fee is paid.
  4. You will receive an auto email notification if you have placed your booking successfully.
How do I pay for the classes?
You can make payment via PayPal or credit/debit card online after signing up for an account here and click on Prepaid Packages to buy a Class Package or Unlimited Package. For our 8-week courses, you can select New Booking to select the specific course to make payment online. To purchase our Unlimited Packages for Members, please click on Membership icon after signing up for an account and select the membership rate to make payment. Then click on Prepaid Packages to select the Members Only Unlimited package to buy before booking for your classes.
Can I pay at the studio or walk in ?

To keep the class at its optimum size and to prevent disruption or unnecessary delay to the classes, we regret that no walk-ins are allowed. Please register and pay online for our ongoing classes at least 1 hour before class starts. For future courses with tentative start and end dates, please register and pay online for the course package before closing date. Our instructors do not handle the fees. 

Do you offer trial lesson?

Yes we offer single session/trial lesson at $18 per session per pax for classes that are available for booking. Please sign up for an account here and buy the single-session prepaid package before you book the class. You will need to book the class within 1 week from the date of purchase of the package. Please check your email for the confirmation of your booking.

Do I need to complete my classes within a certain time frame if I buy the Class Packages?

Yes for all our Class Packages you will need to complete your sessions within a specific time frame. Please refer to our Prices and Promotions page for the respective time frame for different class packages.

Can I cancel or reschedule my classes after booking ?

For our multi-session class packages, you can cancel or reschedule not later than 2 to 3 days before your class date within your package validity as per your package terms and conditions. For single-session prepaid package holders, you can cancel or reschedule 12 hours before class starts. Any last-minute cancellation on the same day of class will only be entertained on a case-by-case basis subject to receipt of the appropriate document e.g. medical certificate or hospitalisation leave by noon time. This is to maintain the predictability of our classes so we do not have to cancel our classes last-minute due to insufficient notice from our participants. For course package holders, all classes must be attended within the course period. Any absence will mean session is forfeited.

For our 1-month unlimited packages, we encourage you to cancel at least 4 hours before start time so we can give your place to people on waiting list. Any advance bookings may be cancelled by our company if repeat non-attendance occurs to allow others to book the class. Your online account may also be suspended at our discretion if any abuse suspected.

What if I cannot attend classes regularly due to my work commitments or travel plans?

We would encourage you to purchase our Unlimited Packages.  You have the flexibility to book any number of class within your package validity according to your work commitments. You can reschedule a class at least 4 hours in advance and book a confirmed class as late as 10 minutes in advance of class start time if it is not full. Better yet, travel extension is allowed for our 3-Month and 6-Month Unlimited Packages too. Please refer to our Prices and Promotions page for more details.

Can I buy a package now and attend the classes at a much later date?

For our Class Packages, Unlimited Packages and Unlimited Packages (Members Only), you will need to book and attend our classes within a specific time frame from the package purchase date. Please refer to our Prices and Promotions page for more details.

For our Course Packages, you may start attending classes at a future tentative start date. We do encourage you to buy your course package early and we offer Early Bird Discount for some of our courses. However, you will need to start attending classes as per the confirmed start date of such courses.

Can I bring my friend to the class?

If you have bought a multi-session prepaid package, your friend can only attend the class with you if you have used your credit to book the same class for her as a joint participant and the booking was confirmed. Otherwise, she has to buy a prepaid package herself and book the class in her own name. As our classes can be quite popular, do book at least 5 days in advance to secure a place for you and your friend/s.

If the class is on a course package, your friend can buy the same course package and if this is done after the course has started, she will be charged a prorated fee for the future sessions yet to be attended.  To avoid disappointments, please book the class early at the same time. If the course packages are sold out, you can purchase our prepaid packages and block book the classes in the series. Any balance credits after such bookings can be used for any of our weekly classes subject to availability.

If the class is not available for one of you, you may reschedule your booking to a different class at least 3 days in advance as long as it is within your package validity for a prepaid package. For a course package, you will not be able to cancel or reschedule your package once purchased. Our instructor will bar anyone from attending a class if no valid booking is found.

What do I wear to a Zumba Class?

You just need to wear sports attire and shoes which will allow you to move easily during the workout.

Can I know the name of the instructor ?

You can view the name of the instructor for the class you prefer once you create an account with us. For the steps to create an account, please refer to the answer for ” How do I sign up for the studio classes?”

Are there shower or locker facilities at your studio?

There are restrooms/toilets near our studios but no shower facilities. You may bring a small towel or a packet of wet tissues and a change of clothes to freshen up after the workout instead. Our studios are spacious enough for you to leave your belongings within sight during the workout, hence no locker facilities are provided.

Can Zumba help me to lose weight?

If you attend classes regularly and keep to a sensible diet, you should see some results. However, this may vary for different individuals although Zumba is definitely a fun and uplifting way to workout!

What is your referral program about?

Refer a friend and get $5 off your next purchase!

a. How can I refer a friend?

Just share your booking on Facebook or Twitter by clicking on the button in the booking page or notification email and invite your friend to click on the link to book a class with us.

b. What if I only want to let certain groups of Facebook friends know about my booking?

You can limit the target audience of your posting in Facebook by selecting which group of people you want to post to.

c. What details will be posted on my Facebook or Twitter page?

Only our company details and the class date booked will be posted, no other specific details on the class will be given so there is some privacy maintained. There will be a link attached to your posting for your friend to click to go to our booking page.

d. How do I know if the referral is successful?

Once your friend clicked on the link in your posting and booked a class with us, your account will be credited with $5. This offer is only applicable if your friend buy a new prepaid or course package with us through your posting. Your referral credit amount will be deducted from your next purchase.

e. Is there an expiry date to the referral credits given?

There is no expiry date but this is a limited time offer and can end any time the management deems fit. Notice will be given for all referring customers to use up their referral credits if need. So start now to share your booking to enjoy further discounts for your next purchase while keeping fit with friends in our exciting Zumba classes!


Corporate Classes/Events

How much do you charge for a corporate class?
Please submit an enquiry form or contact-us form with the following information before we can provide you with a quotation: 1) Event date or class start date 2) Event time or class schedule 3) Event venue or class venue if different from office address(if need venue rental, please state area preferred) 4) Maximum number of participants expected: 5) Rental of sound system required: 6) Company name, department and person to attention quotation to  
Where can I hold my corporate Zumba class?

Any open and ventilated space at your workplace (foyer, function room, warehouse, enclosed car park, etc.) which can accommodate all your intended participants will be suitable.  If you do not have a suitable venue at your office, we can help to source for a studio near you. Just send us your requirements via the contact form.

How often can the Zumba classes be held?
It is up to your company but usually it is a weekly session. Do contact us on your specific requirements.
Do you hold one-time Zumba class for our corporate event?
Yes we do. If you have a corporate event and would like to engage your staff with a one-time Zumba workout, feel free to contact us!

Private Zumba Classes

Do you provide a studio space?
We highly recommend customers to use their own venue, otherwise we may also help to source for studio and the class will be subjected to studio availability.
Where can I hold my Zumba Class?
Any open and ventilated space at your preferred location (e.g. condo function room, void deck, basketball court etc) which can accommodate all your intended participants at one-arm length away from each other will be suitable. 
Do you hold Zumba Parties?
Yes, we do hold private Zumba parties for birthday parties or any special occasion.
How much do you charge for a private Zumba party?
Please submit an enquiry form or contact-us form stating the following details before we can provide you with a quote: 1) Event date or class start date 2) Event time or class schedule 3) Event venue or class venue if different from office address(if need venue rental, please state area preferred) 4) Maximum number of participants expected: 5) Rental of sound system required?

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