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The Leading Corporate Wellness Program

Our company provides fun and engaging Zumba Classes for your corporate needs. Our Zumba classes create the perfect environment for staff bonding in a non-stressful environment while keeping fit.

Research has shown that corporate wellness programs produce the following benefits:

  • Save more than 10%  every year in work-associated and health-related costs.
  • Lessen staff absenteeism
  • Lower staff attrition levels

In short, happy and healthy employees result in improved productivity and savings for the company.


Why Zumba?

Zumba should be your number one choice in corporate wellness programs.

Regular Zumba workouts will assist your employees or fellow workers to

  • be fit and healthy
  • have fun together
  • reduce stress
  • build staff morale
  • foster positive work environment

Zumba workouts as a corporate wellness program promote a healthy workforce wherein employees can dance their stress away.

Zumba classes are invigorating, fun and lively, but beware, they are also highly addictive! Before you know it, your workers will be hooked!


What Do We Offer?

Our instructors can bring Zumba classes into your workplace or at your preferred venue. Our classes can be part of a midday break, end-of-business-day session or a periodic event.

We offer Zumba Workouts for  :

  • Corporate Wellness Programs
  • Company Events and Workshops
  • Product Launches
  • Team Building events
  • Staff Bonding Sessions

Fill up the enquiry form here with details of your program or event and we will help you out!

Not convinced? Read on!

Why Zumba with Us?

Certified, Fun Instructors

Meet our Passionate and Experienced instructors who are Zumba Certified, Friendly, Fun, Patient, Energetic and Highly Committed to give our participants an Exciting Zumba Workout!

As You Like it

We bring Zumba to you at your preferred date, time and place, tailored for your participants.

Choose from Zumba Fitness, Zumba Strong, Zumba Gold and more. Even if you stick to one type of Zumba, there will still be variation in the selection of songs and dance choreography from month to month. You may even switch instructors to experience a totally different style. 

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We know how important your event is and we are committed to make it happen the way you want it. That’s why for years we are trusted by our corporate clients for their special events and corporate team building activities. Be it for 15 or 1500 participants. 

 Who Zumba with Us?

Some of Our Corporate Clients:

FAQ for Corporate Zumba

What is the duration of a Zumba Class?

Zumba workouts are typically 60 minutes long, beginning with a warm-up dance before the actual workout and ending with a cool-down routine. However, we can cater to your desired duration. Just indicate your requirements in our corporate enquiry form.

What is the right attire for Zumba?

Participants can wear sports attire such as comfortable t-shirts or tank tops and tights or any other compression apparel with rubber shoes or sneakers that can allow them to dance and move with ease. No heels or slippers please.

Where can I hold my Zumba session?

You can select a place in your office, be it a mass conference room, a gym studio or any empty room or outdoor venue which can accommodate the number of participants expected to turn out for a fun and exciting workout. You can also indicate if you need to venue rental in our corporate enquiry form.

How do I sign up for our staff?

Just drop us a message via our corporate enquiry form and we will do our best to assist you.


Tell us more about your requirements and get an obligation-free quote now.

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