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3:00pm – 4:00pm

Weekly Course

$110 $99

27 Feb to 17 Apr 2018

Orchard Central


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  • Speed 60% 60%
  • Moves 50% 50%
  • Fun 85% 85%

Fit For The Young At Heart!

Zumba Gold is a low impact dance fitness program that is tailored for active seniors. Zumba Gold provides lots of benefits which can be experienced just after one session of Zumba. With regular participation,the  young-at-heart can move towards his/her workout goals while having fun and entertainment at the same time.

We have dance studios located at convenient locations around Singapore, feel free to check out our dance schedule to find a suitable Zumba Class near you. Click here : Zumba Classes Singapore

Why Zumba Gold?

  • Boosts Self-Confidence and Positive Feelings –  Zumba Gold provides a feeling of good health and euphoria. Most workouts will generate positive feelings due to the release of endorphins in the body but the Zumba routine does so with a lot more fun as every session seems like a dance party. It is an ideal way to get rid of stress, reduce anxiety and enhance the self-confidence.
  •  Improves Stamina and Flexibility – The Zumba workout is renowned to enhance strength, flexibility and posture. Zumba Gold offers these advantages besides improving balance and coordination.
  •  Enhances Sleep – Insomnia might be a part of old age, but by participating in Zumba Gold workouts, the active seniors will find that they not only could fall asleep quickly, but have a deeper slumber too.
  • Maintain Good Health –  Elderly who do Zumba Gold workout frequently may discover they have lesser risks to serious diseases as they have a better immune system and a healthy heart.

Click here for our classes : Zumba Classes Singapore

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Zumba Gold Workout

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