Zumba Your Way to Fitness


Easy to Follow

Calorie-Burning Dance Fitness

Feel the Music and Get Excited

Let Your Event Be Fun


Improve Your Team Fitness

Build Your Team Spirit

Bring Up Your Team Energy Level

Your Problems


Anxious about Low Staff Morale?

Worrying about your team’s Lack of Exercise and Weight Gain

Or just generally Lethargic hanging around the office or working from home? 

Can’t wait to Get Out of the Monotonous Routine in your organisation or at home? 

Want to build team rapport, have regular exercises, burn fats or achieve ideal weight, be more energetic and add some fun to your life? Read on…


Solutions For You and Your Team



Certified Instructors

You can Improve Staff Morale and Create Strong Bonds with our Passionate and Committed instructors



You can have your virtual Zumba Classes at your Preferred Venue(office or home) and Time



You can have Fun while working out to the beat of Uplifting and Popular Songs

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What Our Clients Say About Our Zumba Classes

The class was the first Zumba experience for the whole team, and everyone enjoyed the choice of music. The Zumba class was scheduled as part of team wellness programme, and the session was a perfect choice of workout that fits the theme. The instructor was energetic and able to conduct the class with zest and lots of fun! This is definitely a fun way to keep fit as a team, and we are glad that we found Xcite Fitness to facilitate the session for us! It was so enjoyable, we are now gathering more people to join us in 10 sessions. Great job, Xcite Fitness! Many thanks for PK and Fion for making this possible. Cheryl Pek

Marina Bay Sands

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Looking for a Change?

Dance Your Way to Fitness with Zumba!

Zumba Fitness workout is a dance fitness exercise with various Latin and pop songs to allow people of any dance calibre and stamina level to experience a remarkable workout.

Compared to other fitness routines which are boring, repetitive and tedious, Zumba Class choreography is filled with excitement and variation.

So, if you want a party-like fun experience while achieving the fitness/wellness goals of your company or group, Zumba Fitness is your right choice.

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  • Fun Level 90% 90%
  • Workout Level 80% 80%
  • Difficulty Level 15% 15%

How to Start Your Zumba Classes

All you need to Zumba is just your PC or phone, a video conferencing platform, a stable wi-fi connection and let the fun begins!

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Virtual Corporate Zumba Classes

Experience Zumba classes as part of Your Corporate Wellness Programmes. Enjoy multi-session discounts if you signed up for our corporate packages

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Virtual Zumba Events

You and Your Participants can experience a Mass Zumba session for your big-scale Events

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private zumba classes

Virtual Private Zumba Classes

Have a small group of 10 to 20? Experience Private Zumba Classes at Your Preferred Time and Place – We bring the Zumba to you!

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Some of Our Happy Clients

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