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The Leading Corporate Wellness Programme


Research has shown that corporate wellness programmes produce the following benefits

  • Improved Productivity
  • Reduce work-associated and health-related costs.
  • Lessen staff absenteeism
  • Lower staff attrition levels

Meet your programme objectives with our Fun and Engaging Zumba Classes.

Your team will have the perfect setting for staff bonding in your chosen venue while provided with the opportunity to keep fit. Now you will have the flexibility to engage your participants virtually via video conferencing platform for your staff wellness through Zumba online.


Why Zumba Is For You?


Zumba is your number one choice in corporate wellness programmes. 

Regular Zumba Classes will allow your team to

  • keep fit and healthy
  • have fun together and boost team spirit
  • reduce stress
  • improve staff morale and affinity
  • foster positive work culture

Zumba workouts as a corporate wellness programme promote a vibrant and high-spirited workforce wherein employees can dance their stress away. Your team will feel happier, more energetic, enthusiastic and cohesive.

Zumba classes are invigorating, fun and lively, but beware, they are also highly addictive! Before you know it, your participants will be hooked!


How To Experience Zumba with Your Team or Employees?


You can plan this activity as part of a morning refresh booster, midday fat-burn before lunch, late-afternoon energizer, end-of-business-day stress-relief session on a regular basis via a video conferencing platform such as Zoom. Your participants can join in the fun as long as they each have a space of at least 2m x 2m which allows them to move about without obstruction.  

You can also include Zumba as part of your :

  • Corporate Wellness Programmes
  • Company Events and Workshops
  • Product Launches
  • Team Building events
  • Staff Bonding Sessions

Alternatively, you can find a venue which can house all your participants with at least 3m safe distancing from one another for the workout. For more information, please refer to our FAQ page.

Fill up the enquiry form here with details of your request and experience Zumba firsthand!

Benefits You Will Get From Our Zumba Classes

Certified and Experienced Instructors

You and your team will experience the Postive Vibes of an Exciting Zumba Class led by our Certified and Experienced instructors who are Friendly, Fun, Patient and Energetic. Just provide us your participant profile or your workout purpose here.


You can Zumba at your preferred date, time and place, tailored for your participants.

Choose from Zumba Fitness, Zumba Strong, Zumba Gold and more. Even if you stick to one type of Zumba, there will still be variation in the selection of songs and dance choreography from month to month. You may even switch instructors to experience a totally different style. 

Reliable and Committed

You can rest assured that we are capable and committed to make your Zumba classes happen the way you want it. You can trust our years of experience, just like our corporate clients who have engaged us for their special events and corporate team building activities, be it for 15 or 1500 participants. Scroll down for a list of some of our happy customers. Click here for more testimonials.

 Who Zumba with Us?


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